Lasting connections for real brands

Brand architecture: We build lasting connections between brands and end-users by defining your brand’s purpose and translating this into business- and/or campaign strategies and execute these strategies into online and offline tools that end-users really can relate to.

What We Do?

PIX. We build lasting connections

Pix stand for all that you can see: the corporate identity, the content, the visuals, the video’s, the website, the campaigns, the packaging.


Only real brands make lasting connections
Bricks stand for the foundation and the building: the purpose, the positioning, the DNA, the strategy and the execution of the plan.
Only real brands make lasting connections

Are you reaching the right people? If the DNA of your brand is not relevant to people’s life, why should they care? Why should they connect? Why should they buy?

Think about the impact your brand could have. By formulating a concise and relevant (from the user’s perspective) promise you can define the foundation of your company that can acts as the guiding for anything you build.

By living up to that promise and creating a compelling experience which is HONEST and REAL, people will make the lasting connection with you and you’ll reap the rewards.  



BREAKING IT DOWN. Only real brands make lasting connections

We are experts in researching, building and executing brands online and offline. For each step in the process we have our ‘brand bricks’ that combined form the solid foundation of the Brand or Campaign.

Exploring the Playground

An exploring session brings all stakeholders together and gives us solid insights in the playground.


Defining your Purpose, brand promise, DNA, positioning and goals.


Defining deliverables such as corporate identity, website, online and offline campaigns, packaging, PR, ads, video’s, art, training.


We select and put together a skilled team of creative professionals and specialists to execute your Brand Promise


We present you our ideas and after that presentation we have a difficult choice to make.

Feed Back

You get some processing time and share your feedback


The creative team creates the Deliverables 


We help you execute the internal launch of the new brand and prepare for the external launch. 


We provide you with the tools, training and communication to maximise the PR spinoff seamlessly and make it sustainable  


Only real brands make lasting connections

Real and Honest

Bringing to life what already exists in the heart of things. No fairytales and Cloud 9.

Make it Happen

Our work is as good as your results. That is why we deliver on any occasion.


You need to stand out from the crowd that is why we need to ask hard questions and even take sides with your customers at times.

Steppin’ it Up

We co-create with you and the premier league in strategy, (online)marketing, art and design. No matter the budget or the task at hand.


We are a one-stop-shop for every question in the book of branding, (online)marketing and campaigns.


You trust us to do something great for you, that is why you hired us. We trust our creative team of specialists.